DVS Week 28/40 | MAR 18 - MAR 22, 2019

Calendar: What's Happening at DVS This Week?

Monday, March 18, 2018

  • PTA Enrichment Program: Chess, Loom Knitting, Painting, Robots.
  • Trimester 3 Begins
  • Band Practice 7:45am (Percussion)
  • PTA Meeting 6:30pm

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

  • PTA Enrichment Program: Duct Tape Art, Head-to-Head Board Games, Hip Hop Dance, Outdoor Crafts.
  • Chorus Grade 4 Practice 7:45am
  • Harry Potter Alliance Social Club 3-4pm
  • PALS 3-4pm

Wednesday March 20, 2019

  • PTA Enrichment Program: Culinary Playground, German, Get Patriotic, Karate, Legos.
  • Invention Convention Check In 5CAR/1WIL 7:45am
  • Band Practice 7:45am (Percussion)
  • Invention Convention Check In 5CAR/1WIL 3pm

Thursday March 21, 2019

  • PTA Enrichment Program: Gifts from the Spa, Lacrosse, First Aid, Graphic Comic Art.
  • Dental Program
  • Chorus Grade 5 Practice 7:45am

Friday March 22, 2019

  • PTA Enrichment Program: Balloon Twisting, Cheerleading, Sewing.
  • Dental Program
  • Trimester 2 Report Cards go home
  • Band Practice 7:45am (Flutes/Clarinets)
Autism Workshop April 16, 2019

MARCH 2019 Newsletter

Principal’s Message

We are now racing towards Spring. This month we see daylight saving come back and the first signs of Spring. We are getting to the end of our long cold winter. However, it looks like Mother Nature is not quite ready to let go of winter just yet.

Voters are reminded that this month we have town voting on March 12. More information on voting can be found on the school district webpage

Thank you for your attendance at the Valentine's Dance. it was a marvelous community event and the children had a lot of fun. Thank you to our devoted PTA organizers and supporters.

Heads up that in the week after vacation we will be recognizing Read Across America week (March 4-8). The activities for the week will be: Monday: Door Decorations. Tuesday: READ My T-shirt. Wednesday: Dress Like Your Favorite Dr. Seuss Character Day. Thursday: READ A LOUD Day. Friday: Shared/Big Buddy Reading.

We celebrate School Spirit Week this month. This is always a fun time across the school with dress down days each day. Check our webpage for links to the themes for each day of the week.

Yours in education,

Chris McCallum

Information concerning NH State Road Laws:

RSA: 265:54 Overtaking and Passing School Bus

RSA: 265:60 II (a) Basic Rule and Maximum Limit, for School Zones Speed Limits

In the State of New Hampshire, school zones have a reduced speed limit when children are present and/or the warning signs are flashing. The speed in these zones is ten miles-per-hour under the posted speed limit.

The driver of a vehicle upon meeting or overtaking from either direction any school bus, plainly marked with school bus signs or such other distinguishing identification which has stopped for the purpose of receiving or discharging school children, shall stop his or her vehicle before reaching such school bus at least 25 feet away from such school bus. The driver shall not proceed until such school bus resumes motion, or until flashing red lights cease to operate.

Online Registration

New Student Online Registration is now up and running and the district's New Student Registration page has been updated with new registration information including the link to the new online student registration service.

School Calendar 2019-2020

The 2019-2020 Derry Cooperative School District Calendar is now available on the School District website.

Presentation for Parents

If you are invited to attend a presentation open to all called the "IEP Organizer" by Community Crossroads on Thursday March 14, 2019 5:30-8:30pm, 8 Commerce Dr, Atkinson NH.

Letter to Grade 5 Parents

Please check the DVS school website for a letter to parents of students in Grade 5 concerning Middle School placements.

Nurses Corner

This is a reminder that, like many childhood issues, Head lice (Pediculosis Capitis) can be a common occurrence with children. These parasites cannot, fly, jump or crawl long distances, and they do not cause illness. They are transmitted from one child to another through direct head to head contact or, less commonly, by sharing combs, brushes, hats, bedding, etc. Head lice are not associated with uncleanliness or poor hygiene. Lice can happen to anyone.

Parents and family members are often the first to recognize the most common symptom of head lice which is constant itching of the head, particularly behind the ears or at the nape of the neck.

It is important to check your child’s hair regularly.

Observe for itching of the scalp. If itching is noted…

Carefully examine the hair and scalp of your children and all family members for lice and/or their eggs. Lice are small, the size of a sesame seed and tan or grey. Nits are small, oval shaped and gray or white in color. Nits are usually firmly attached (glued) to the hair shaft, close to the scalp. You can use a magnifying glass to detect them.

Remind your children not to use or borrow anyone’s personal accessories like brushes, hats or combs.

If you suspect your child has lice, check with your health care provider, school nurse or pharmacist for instructions on how to treat an infestation. The school nurse will give ongoing support and ensure student confidentiality. If you have treated your child for head lice, please inform the school nurse and consider informing the parents of your child’s close playmates.

Resources for further information:

  • NH Department of Health and Human Services, Public Health @
  • Communicable Disease Control @

We appreciate all your efforts in helping to control this nuisance. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the school’s nurse.

What is School Spirit?

School spirit is important but what is school spirit?

School Spirit is the feeling you get when the school does well in a sport, music, academic or other event. When a student outperforms everyone else. When a school team does well outside the school.

School Spirit is students. When students proudly wear Derry Village clothing with school logos. When students make the effort to do well in the classroom.

School Spirit is volunteering for the school in different ways... at Secret Santa workshop, for the Student Council, to be in Chorus, working with younger students and turning up at school and PTA sponsored events.

School Spirit is seeing staff members taking on extra responsibilities to help the students. Staff who go the extra mile to deliver interesting, fun and challenging lessons.

School Spirit is parental involvement with the school, volunteering and supporting the school in many different ways.

School Spirit may even be looking forward to school halfway through your summer holidays (well, maybe that's a little extreme... but you get the point?)

Report to Parents

Students with parents who are involved in their education are more likely to earn higher grades, adapt well to school, and pass their classes. But is there a point when parents can be too involved? This month’s Report to Parents, “Effective Homework Help,” can help families support their child's homework efforts.

Invention Convention

Students are reminded that they must check in with their paperwork by March 20 with Mrs. Wilson or Mrs. Carey. The Invention Convention is on Wednesday May 8 from 5:30-6:30pm.

Children's Dental Network Spring Services

The Children's Dental Network will return to Derry Village School for spring dental services on March 21-22, and 25. Any students receiving dental treatment this past fall will participate in the spring. Any new students that may need care are also welcome. Please visit for more information. Look for the "Parent Resources" link to access a permission form.

"Working together for healthier kids"

Copper Canyon

The Derry Salem Elks is sponsoring income eligible Derry students for a week of overnight camp at Copper Cannon Camp, located in Franconia Notch, NH the week of June 30- July 7, 2019. If your student (aged 9-12) receives free or reduced lunch, they would qualify for this opportunity. Please contact Louise Landry at (603) 893-2283 with any questions. Applications may be downloaded at: or contact your school Social Worker, Alicia Triplett at (603) 260-2793 and we can send an application home.

PTA Reflections Program

Congratulations to the following students for an amazing effort in the PTA Reflections Program at the state level.

Well done; Alex M, Ashton W, Lily L, Rebecca K, Sarah P, Connor P, and Logan Mc.

A special highlight is Sarah P placing second in the film category. That is fantastic! We are so proud of all of the students who entered the program this year.

2019 Youth Art Month exhibit, Pinkerton Academy

Our school district's 2019 Youth Art Month exhibit will take place in the lobby of the Stockbridge Theatre at Pinkerton Academy. The opening reception will be held on Thursday, March 14 from 6-7 pm. The show can also be viewed during the theatre's normal business hours from March 6 - March 24.

Each of Pinkerton's 'sending schools' are invited to participate in our exhibit. This year due to space limitation only 32 pieces were selected from DVS, each classroom is represented. Students from DVS, whose artwork will be exhibited, will be bringing home the information this coming week. Everyone is invited to attend, however! Hope to see you there!

Thank you for your help! ~ Jonathan Burns


1. Vivienne M. KD

2. Colin M. KD

3. Robert C. KZ

4. Lucy G. KZ

5. Aubrey C. KZ

Grade 1:

1. Katherine D. - 1WA

2. Sophia M. - 1WIL

3. Ethan B. - 1M

4. Gianluca S. - 1R

5. Gwenyth T. - 1R

2nd Grade:

1. Georgiana G. - 2R

2. Grace K. - 2L

3. Morgan G. - 2G

4. Alexandra B. - 2R

5. Loden H. - 2R

Grade 3:

1. Dakota B. - 3C

2. Alex C. - 3C

3. Olivia B. - 3D

4. Reese L. - 3S

5. Sarina A. - 3L

4th Grade

1. Rosa C. - 4W

2. Jaydon B. - 4W

3. Savanna C. - 4S

4. Sofia R. - 4S

5. Mya G. - 4S

6. Leanna P. - 4D

5th Grade:

1.Sarah P. - 5L

2. Cinderella L. - 5L

3. Marcus S. - 5C

4. Lucy D. - 5R

5. Hazel T. - 5G

6. Rebecca K. - 5C

NH Statewide Assessment

Assessments are used to gauge how well students are mastering the standards – and ultimately how ready students are for college and career education and training.

New Hampshire students in grades 3-8 and 11 will take the common statewide assessment for English language arts (ELA)/writing and mathematics. Grade 5 students will also take the common statewide assessment for science.

All summative assessments (ELA/Writing, Math and Science) will be taken in the spring. More details to follow.

VOTE on March 12

On election day, take your kids to the polls. Children model behavior after their parents, and by witnessing you casting your vote, your kids will see democracy in action. Polls are open from 7am until 8pm on March 12. Polling locations are at Gilbert H. Hood Middle School (District 1 and 4) and West Running Brook Middle School (District 2 and 3). Students will have an opportunity to vote themselves. This year, students at Derry Village will get the opportunity to vote on the ice cream we will have at the end of year school BBQ. Voting Day is a great opportunity to help your kids understand how our country works.

Download a Copy of the Newsletter Here

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On Going Reminders...

Harlem Wizards Night

We are excited to have the Harlem Wizards coming to the Derry Cooperative School District community on March 15 to play a game of trick basketball with teachers and staff from the school district. This evening of fun and laughter is being organized by the combined PTAs and is a FUN raising event.

As part of this event, Harlem Wizard players will be visiting our schools providing a 20-25 minute assembly. The players are excellent role models of health, discipline and hard work for our children. They share a positive character message with students, basketball tricks and lots of laughs.

The whole community is invited to this free evening watching the Harlem Wizards take on the Derry Dazzlers. There is nothing like watching the world famous Harlem Wizards. The Wizards have the talent for tricks, hoops and Alley-Oops! and the ability to blend basketball wizardry with engaging personalities, captivating stage presence, and entertaining audience participation.

Hope to see you there.


Consider using AmazonSmile when you are shopping on Amazon. AmazonSmile is a website operated by Amazon with the same products, prices, and shopping features as The difference is that when you shop on AmazonSmile, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to the charitable organization of your choice. On your first visit to AmazonSmile (, you are prompted to select a charitable organization from the list of eligible organizations. You can change your selection at any time. Please choose Derry Village School.

Jesse Lewis Choose Love MovementTM

A discussion with Scarlett Lewis about the Jesse Lewis Choose Love MovementTM and the FREE Pre K – 12th grade social emotional learning curriculum that teaches educators and their students how to choose love in any circumstance. People become connected, resilient and empowered when they Choose Love.

Scarlett Lewis, founded the Jesse Lewis Choose Love MovementTM after her 6-year-old son, “Jesse” was murdered in his first grade classroom at Sandy Hook elementary school. Over the past 5 years, she has tirelessly spread the Choose Love message around the world. Most recently, she presented the program to the current Administration as THE solution to many of the issues our youth are facing today, such as: gun violence, bullying, substance abuse and other mental illnesses.

Visit for more information. See the Flyer here.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019. Gilbert H. Hood Middle School 3:30pm. Address: 5 Hood Road, Derry, NH. RSVP:

Fisher Cats Reading Challenge

At Derry Village we are doing the Fisher Cats Reading Challenge. Students are challenged to read five (5) books outside of the normal curriculum during the school year. The students who complete the challenge will earn two (2) tickets to a 2019 New Hampshire Fisher Cats game at Northeast Delta Dental Stadium at a special "Reading Challenge" celebration. Plus, each participant will get to play catch on the field at a game they choose to attend.