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DVS Friday, April 3 Lucky Leprechaun's Update

This is Mr. McCallum and Mrs. Curren

It is time for Derry Village School’s Lucky Leprechaun’s Update

Well we have reached the end of another week. How did everyone do with remote learning? I bet you have earned a weekend off from school work. The best news I heard this week is that we will be getting April Vacation at the end of the month. That will be awesome.

Pledge of Allegiance

Car Parade

We will be holding a Neighborhood Car Parade Monday, April 6, 2020. Beginning at Derry Village School @ 3:15pm

The DVS staff misses you so much we are going to drive our cars through your neighborhood to say hello and tell you how much you mean to us. Hope you can come and wave to us and say hello.

Parade Route. A few things to note...

  • Please recognize that the parade route will not include every street.
  • You may have to make your way to the closest intersection.
  • If you are outside, please practice safe distancing of at least 6 feet.

News and Updates

Playground Closed. In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 all DCSD school playgrounds are closed until further notice.

Kindergarten Registration. Please remember to go online and register for kindergarten for next year.

Kindergarten Screening - Postponed. At this time kindergarten screening has been postponed. The school district will update all incoming kindergarten students when we are able to reschedule.

Special Education “Opt In”. If you have a child who receives special education services, you should have received an email today. Attached to that is a form we are requesting you fill out regarding face to face video conferencing. Please go to your email and complete the form as soon as possible. If you did not receive an email and you should have, please contact Mr. McCallum or Mrs. Curren.

Town of Derry Food Services. Town of Derry Parks & Recreation compiled some additional food resources for individuals needing the support at this difficult time. Please don't hesitate to reach out and ask for help. The phone lines are open from 8:00am-4:30pm Monday through Friday at (603) 432-6136 Click here for more information.

Where’s Lucky?. Great job this week playing along! Next week will bring a new set of riddles for you to solve. Stay tuned!

Mrs. Curren’s Joke. Q. Why did the student eat their homework? A. Because the teacher said it was a piece of cake!!!!!!

Sent to the Principal’s Office. Today we have an exciting new way to acknowledge students for their hard work over the week. We would like to introduce today “Sent to the Principal’s Office”. Being sent to the principal’s office is always a scary thing for a child because it implies that they did something wrong. Well, in the world of social distancing being sent to the principal’s office is a wonderful thing. We would like to acknowledge students who are doing amazing things in a remote learning environment. Teachers and other staff will send us names of students each week and at the end of the week we will announce the names. So for today we would like to shout out to the following students for the amazing way that they have taken on remote learning.

Have a great weekend. You are amazing. We miss you.

Remember to be kind to one another

Principal's Message 4/3/2020

Principal's Message 3/30/2020

Principal's Message 3/24/2020

Principal's Message 3/20/2020


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