Parade Route



Derry Village School

End of Year Car Parade Wed, May 27, 2020

To all DVS families... The end of the school year approaches and as promised we will be conducting another car parade. Next week is the final week for this tumultuous school year. The car parade is an event to bring the DVS community together one more time in a socially distancing world.

It is time for us to see the students again. We have missed them all so much. Students, this is a chance to say goodbye to your teachers. Families, this can be a sad time of the year but a car parade can be so uplifting for everyone. The staff wants desperately to see our children.

The weather is predicted to be outstanding. Please come out and cheer and wave!! The staff at DVS will be doing the same.

We will leave DVS at 3:15pm which was close to the time we left last time. The parade took almost 3 hours last time. Stay tuned to the DVS PTA Facebook page for updates as the parade winds its way through the streets of Derry. During the last parade families updated the journey of the parade.

The route can be found here

Here is the car parade route. There are a few versions included. (1) An Overview, (2) The parade divided into North and South, (3) A Turn by turn script, (4) A selection of more detailed maps.

This is a very ambitious route. We have no idea how long it will take us to complete. But with social distancing and staying at home what else are we doing? Just know that we are on the way to see you.

Some reminders:

  1. The numbers on the map are mile markers and give you an idea of the route.
  2. Please recognize that the parade route does not include every street. You may have to make your way to the closest intersection.
  3. The parade begins from DVS at 3:15pm. Please be patient as we make our way to your neighborhood.
  4. If you are outside, please practice safe distancing of at least 6 feet.

Parade Route OVERVIEW

Parade Route NORTH

Parade Route SOUTH

Parade Route PART 1

  1. Take a (L) onto Rockingham Road
  2. Take a (R) onto Fairway Drive, follow all the way around
  3. Take a (R) onto Forest Ridge Road follow to lights
  4. Take a (R) onto Rockingham Road
  5. Take a (L) onto Lawrence Road
  6. Take a (R) onto Stark Road
  7. Take a (L) onto Gervaise Road
  8. Take a (R) onto Mill Road (Follow to end)
  9. Take a (L) onto Stark Road
  10. Take a (L) onto Kilrea Road
  11. Take a (R) onto Trent Road
  12. Take a (L) onto Gaita Dr (go around cul de sac at end)
  13. Take a (R) back on Kilrea Road
  14. Take a (L) onto Gulf Road
  15. Follow Gulf Road all the way to Island Pond Road
  16. Take a (L) onto Island Pond Road
  17. Take a (L) onto Derby Road
  18. Take a (L) onto Lampton Drive
  19. Take a (R) back onto Stark Drive
  20. Take a (R) back onto Lawrence Road

Parade Route PART 2

  1. Cross Island Pond Road to Lane Road
  2. Bear (R) onto Floyd Road
  3. Take a (L) onto Warner Hill Road
  4. Take a (L) onto Hampstead Road
  5. Take a (L) onto Lane Road
  6. Take a (L) back onto Floyd Road
  7. Take a (R) onto Redfield Circle (do the loop)
  8. Take a (R) back onto Floyd Road
  9. Cross Over Hampstead onto Adam’s Pond Road
  10. Follow Adam’s Pond Road all the way down past Deer Run
  11. Take a sharp (L) onto Old Chester Road,
  12. Take a (R) onto Beaver Lake Avenue (Follow all the way)
  13. Take a (L) onto Chester Road (102) and head back to school
  14. One final loop. Left at Derry Rotary to head up East Derry Road.
  15. Take a left onto Martha Avenue
  16. Cross Hampstead Road to True Avenue
  17. Take a (R) onto Kingsbury Street.
  18. Take a (L) on to Thornton Street
  19. Take a (L) on to South Main Street
  20. Back to Derry Village School

Parade Route Section 1

Parade Route Section 2

Parade Route Section 3

Parade Route Section 4

Parade Route Section 5

Parade Route Section 6

Parade Route Section 7

The staff at DVS is excited about this road trip through the neighborhood to wave from our car windows to let students know they are not being forgotten and that we miss them.