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NOVEMBER 2019 News Update

NOV 8, 2019

Veteran's Breakfast

Posted 11/1/2019

You are cordially invited to attend West Running Brook Middle School’s eleventh annual Veterans’ Breakfast on Friday, November 8th, from 8:00 - 9:30 a.m. Veterans, along with state and local dignitaries, will be invited to attend.

WRB students, who are members of Kids Care Club, will serve breakfast and the entire student body will be present to honor our Veterans.

We would like to have veterans who are interested to join small groups of students in their Advisories to talk about their service to our country and to also serve as a sounding board for their questions. This will be from 9:30 - 10:00 a.m. When you RSVP, please indicate if you have interest to serve in this capacity.

When you RSVP, please indicate if you wish to be a part of these small group discussions.

We thought it might be a great thing to all meet at DVS and walk to WRB together. We could meet at 7:30am and walk up the hill to the Middle School.

We hope that you will be able to attend this breakfast to honor our veterans. Please RSVP to Mrs. Soucy at 432-1233.

NOV 12

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Posted 10/31/2019

Parents/guardians are reminded that Parent-Teacher Conference time is fast approaching. Please contact your child's teacher to schedule a time to meet on November 12. Parents/guardians are also reminded that there is NO SCHOOL on November 12.

NOV 14

Turkey Shoot

Posted 11/1/2019

DVS GYM Thursday, November 14th, 6:30pm


Come join us for our first ever basketball free throw competition also known as a Turkey Shoot this time of year! This event is open to all DVS students K-5. Compete against fellow classmates in your grade and bring an adult to be your teammate (parent, guardian, grandparent, uncle, aunt, sibling, friend). The cost is $5 per 2 person team to play. Based on free throw points, there will be one first place team from each grade. First place prize will be a frozen turkey to bring home along with a turkey hat to wear proudly on Thanksgiving day! Lucky hopes to see you there!

NOV 14

A Basic Overview of NH’s Special Education Process

Posted 11/1/2019

Nov. 14th. 6:00 –8:00 pm. Gilbert H. Hood Middle School Library. This free workshop provides a quick overview of NH’s special education process, including an introduction to some important requirements that support parent involvement in the process and tips to help you to be a more effective participant in the process. There will also be a staff and parent panel to answer questions and share information on the special education process. 6:00 –8:00 p.m. Gilbert H. Hood Middle School Library. More Information

NOV 15

Holiday Fair Baskets - Raffle Items Needed

Posted 11/1/2019

Help Support Our DVS PTA Holiday Fair. The Holiday Fair helps raise vital funds needed to support programs, field trips, and activities provided by our PTA.

The Holiday Fair will be held on Saturday, November 23rd

Please have all items to your classroom by 11/15 Gift cards (any store, any denomination) may be dropped off in the front office.

For any questions please contact: Holly Surprenant – Brooke Yonge – Tara Collins –

How can you help?

  • Donate items to match your child’s classroom basket theme. See other side for details
  • Contribute a gift card or gift certificate to a local business.
  • Team up with neighbors and friends to donate as a group. Past group donations have included an iPad, Google Tablet, Bicycle, and Lottery Ticket Tree.

School Closures

Posted 11/1/2019

It is the intent of the Derry Cooperative School District to keep school in session under most weather conditions. However, if severe weather conditions are known by 6:00 AM, school may be closed or a delayed opening procedure will be followed.

Please check the following websites for more information during inclement weather - or the Derry Cooperative School District website or tune into any of the following radio stations for weather updates : WDER - AM 1320, WGIR-AM 61, WZID - FM 95.7, WHOB - FM 106.3, WOKQ FM 97.5, or also WMUR - TV Channel 9, WCVB 5, WLVI 56, WBZ 4, WHDH 7 or Comcast users Channel 6 or 17 (local stations)

Try also the Channel 6 webpage

Please make sure the office has current contact details for our PowerSchool announcements.

Arrival Reminders

Posted 11/1/2019
  • Attendance. It is important to realize that consistent attendance will greatly improve the chance your child has of being successful in an academic environment. However, we are aware that from time to time it will be necessary to keep your child home from school. Should the need occur, please take the time to call the school (preferably before 9:00 AM) and inform us that your child will not be in attendance.
  • Attendance Policy. The attendance can be read in full online at EPS Code: JH (ATTENDANCE, TARDINESS AND TRUANCY POLICY)
  • Morning Arrival. Please remember that students are not allowed access to the building until 8:25am, when the doors open and supervision begins. (8:20am for breakfast). Students who arrive before this time are not supervised. Your child’s safety is a high priority. We are asking for your help by bringing your child at, or after, 8:25am.

Color Run

Posted 11/1/2019

The Fall fundraiser ended with a color explosion... this was our second year with this colorful fundraiser. The weather was perfect, everyone was in good spirits and the color was flying everywhere. This was a great community event provided by the PTA. Thank you to Victoria Little and the PTA Volunteers. Another great job.

Top Fundraisers: Christian R, Freyja R, Mackenzie F

Health Spotlight: Common Cold and the Flu

Posted 11/1/2019

Cold and Flu season is upon us once again. Both the Common Cold and the Flu (Influenza) are caused by viruses. The symptoms of the Common Cold are often more mild and can include:

  • a stuffy/runny nose
  • sore throat
  • cough
  • watery eyes
  • possibly a fever

The symptoms of the Flu (Influenza) are similar but often more severe including;

  • Fever (usually high)
  • headache
  • sore throat
  • dry cough
  • muscle aches
  • extreme fatigue
  • gastro-intestinal symptoms (more common among children than adults) such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

The Flu shot is the primary method of preventing the flu, but there are some common sense things you can do to prevent a cold or the flu.

  • Get plenty of rest and fluids
  • Wash hands frequently and after exposure to nasal secretions,
  • Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, and
  • Keep your child home from school for at least 24 hours after fever resolution (<100 degrees) without the use of fever reducing medications.

For more information call your school nurse or refer to NH DHHS fact sheet on the flu:

In health, Mrs. Klardie [School nurse]

Safety Drills

Posted 11/1/2019

Our school regularly participates in safety drills, such as fire drills and lock down drills. These drills are designed to assist us in continually improving upon our programs and safety procedures and we continue to work diligently to ensure student safety and well being each day.

Running Club

Posted 11/1/2019

On Saturday, October 19 fourth and fifth graders participated in the Greater Derry Elementary Fun Run at Pinkerton Academy. This great community event allows our fourth and fifth graders the opportunity to learn about fitness concepts, training, setting goals and challenging themselves. They learn how to pace themselves and how to run a mile, improving every week and trying their best.

Ms. Waterhouse and Ms. Studer would like to thank all those who participated in running club this year and congratulate those who ran in the race on Saturday. All DVS students represented their school well and should be proud of the race they ran. We had some students who did very well:

4th Grade Boys

  • Cameron B - 2nd Place

5th Grade Boys

  • Breydon F - 1st Place
  • Travis C - 5th Place

Congratulations to the medal winners and thanks to all for the hard work this season.

Benchmark Assessment

Posted 11/1/2019

Did you know? The Fountas and Pinnell (F & P) Benchmark Assessment System is administered to all students each fall and spring. A benchmark assessment system is a series of texts that are used to identify a student's current reading level and progress along a gradient of text levels over time.

WEE Deliver Stamp Contest Winners

Posted 11/1/2019

Congrats to all the winners. Their stamp will be displayed in the hallway for the year. Thank you to all the kids who entered, there were so many great and creative stamps!

Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive

Posted 11/1/2019

Derry Village is once again assisting the Derry Community Fund in their efforts to make the holidays a little more enjoyable for some Derry families.

Suggested donations: Kindergarten- First Grade: Jello. Second Grade: Boxed Breads (Pumpkin, Banana, or Apple). Third Grade: Boxed Potatoes. Fourth Grade: Cranberry Sauce. Fifth Grade: Canned Gravy

If you or someone you know is in need of holiday assistance, applications are available at the Human Service Office on the first floor of the Municipal Building in Derry or through your Home to School Coordinator, or call the school 432-1233.

Winter Gear

Posted 11/1/2019

If your child is in need of winter outerwear or boots, please call Alicia Triplett, LMFT, school social worker at 260-2793. Community resources are available to assist with these items.

Kindergarten Pre-Registration

Posted 11/1/2019

The Derry Cooperative School District is accepting Pre-Registration information for all prospective Kindergarten students for the 2020-2021 school year.

To indicate your intent to enroll your child in Kindergarten for the fall of 2020, please complete the Kindergarten Pre-Registration form found at

Pre-Registration is for informational purposes only. Official Kindergarten Registration begins on or about March 12, 2020 after District Voting.

More information here