It's Our School!

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Spontaneous Mystery Science experiments are breaking out all over town.

What is Mystery Science? Click here

Scenes from the Remote Learning Bag pickup days. The Tierney's had the BEST SIGN EVER!!

Lucky was exhausted after giving out all the remote learning bags.

I wanted to send in this picture of my kindergartener Kennedy Williams with the cards she drew today. Over these next two weeks, Kennedy has decided to spend some time each day creating cards to eventually take in bulk to either a local hospital or nursing home as they are not allowing many visitors (or any at all)

Jena Williams

Jax martin read the book "Pot of Gold" and just did this. He told his mom that it wasn't homework it was coloring. Now he wants to do math. Lol

I am very thankful to all of the wonderful teachers, helpers, principal and secretaries who are doing everything they can to keep our children educated in this difficult time. It is sad what we are going through and in the same breath it is a learning experience to help each other. It is amazing when things go wrong we stop thinking with our brain, our ego disappears and we think with our hearts.

Once again thank you to everyone. WE GOT THIS!!

Frecita's mom

Skylar in Mrs. Pantalone's Kindergarten class wanted to do some school work today!!

Karlee Watts delivering letters to friends and treats to family to make them smile.

Anonymous toilet paper deliveries going on around DVS town!!