WEE Deliver

Note: This Club is currently not running

WEE Deliver: The In-School Postal Service

Your child has the opportunity during the school year to write letters to any student or staff member at school. You too can write to your children at school. There's a mailbox in the lobby where the WEE Deliver postal employees will collect the mail for processing and delivery.

The WEE Deliver postal employees are responsible for the mechanics of the WEE Deliver In-School post office program and have the strong support of a staff member behind them.

The goals of the WEE Deliver program are:

  1. To provide the children with real life experiences in which to apply basic skills such as: writing a letter, addressing envelopes, using the mail system, and using ZIP Codes.

  2. To unify the student body through a student centered school-wide communication system.

  3. To provide knowledge of how mail is processed.

  4. To develop a sense of job responsibility as a post office employee. We hope you and your child make use of this innovative program.