DVS Talent Show 2020

Submission Information [Closed May 15]


  • By participating you are giving permission for your child’s video to be displayed online. It will be on the internet available for anyone to view.
  • Submissions should be three minutes or less.
  • No profanity. Videos must be rated “G”. Always choose the radio edit version for music.
  • Students may participate in one act only. This means a student can either be in a group or single performance. Not both.
  • Videos must be submitted by May 15. No exceptions.
  • Name your child’s video file: Grade child’s first and last name and talent.
  • Examples:
    • 4 Jane Smith Gymnastics
    • K John Doe Dancing
  • For more than one child use title as follows;
  • 4 Jane Smith K John Smith Dancing


Please watch this YouTube video for instructions on how to submit your video by sharing it via Google Drive.


Thanks to the following for making this possible!

Chris McCallum, Melanie Curren, Cliff Dancy, David Minkle, Owen Provencher, Nicole Little