Sunshine Math

The DVS Sunshine Math Program is a voluntary math enrichment opportunity which involves the use of critical thinking and problem-solving skills to find solutions to math problems.

As a parent, your role in the program will be to encourage and facilitate problem solving. You may do this by reading the question to your child, providing manipulatives or counters, or listening as your child shares strategies, but please do not give the answers. In order for this program to be effective, the thinking must be done by the students.

It is expected that a student will not be able to complete every problem every week. Each problem on the worksheet is ranked according to its level of difficulty. The more stars there are besides a problem, the higher the level of difficulty.

Here’s how Sunshine Math works

    1. Children who sign up to participate will receive a packet of worksheets with six to ten math questions on each worksheet.
    2. There are a total of ten worksheets for kindergarten, with two to three worksheets per session and a total of 25 worksheets for grades 2-5, with four worksheets per session.
    3. These worksheets are to be completed at home and should be returned to their classroom by the specified date, four weeks later.
    4. There is an envelope designated for Sunshine Math in each classroom.
    5. The completed worksheets will be corrected and returned to your child.

There are a total of four sessions for kindergarten and six sessions for grades 1-5, all beginning in October.

Thank you for encouraging your child to participate in this math enrichment activity. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Dottie Peters

Derry Village School PACE Teacher