School Handbook

Derry Village School Handbook

This handbook is designed to answer many of the frequently asked questions about the school. It contains information and explanations for all parents and students new or not so new to Derry Village.

Derry Village School Philosophy

Derry Village School represents one of the five elementary schools in the Derry School District. In order to meet and provide for the uniqueness of the individual child attending this school, an overall educational program has been developed which, while maintaining flexibility in adapting to an ever changing society, will be dedicated to the total personal development of each student to the limits of his or her abilities and interest.

Upon entrance to our school, each child is introduced to an environment designed to develop cognitive skills, promote social awareness and nurture habits, attitudes and appreciations that are the basic skills necessary for successful living.

The Derry Village staff addresses the needs of each child by encouraging the principles of self awareness, self discipline, communication and physical development as well as fostering an acceptance of individual and cultural differences.

We believe that the needs of all children are met through programs which provide for inclusion of all students. We believe that our school staff, working in cooperation with parents, volunteers and the community at large, provide every student with the opportunity to achieve maximum success.

To this end, we will strive to aid each student’s intellectual, physical, moral, emotional, aesthetic and social growth, so that he or she may become a useful and responsible member of home, community and society, while leading a personally rewarding life.