Return to School 2020-2021

Return to School Guide - Families

Approved School District Calendar

  • All students will begin school on August 31st.
  • Face-To-Face Student Phase-In
    • August 31 - Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade students
    • September 8 - 3rd and 4th grade students begin
    • September 10 - 5th grade students begin
  • The most current school district calendar can be found here.

Daily Home Health Screening for School Attendance

  • Parental Agreement/Attestation

Student Cohorts

Students will remain with their cohort throughout the day including recess. With the exception of:

Students may leave (combine) their cohort for small group (pull out) instruction, PACE, and lunch in the cafeteria.

Classroom Arrangement

  • Only essential furniture will remain in the classroom.
  • Maximize student desk spacing to allow for at least 4 1/2 feet from the center of one desk to the center of the next desk.
  • Fans can be used at a window to bring air in or push air out, not to just circulate air in the classroom.
  • Assigned seats and assigned floor space will be used.

Face Covering/Masks

  • Students, staff, and visitors are required to wear face coverings/masks, unless accommodations are necessary, during school hours (including boarding, riding and exiting the bus).
    • Face masks will be provided to students if needed.
  • The most current school district language and guidelines can be found here.

Student School Supplies

  • Provide your child with a labeled water bottle.
  • Provide your child with a labeled beach towel to sit on.
  • Sharing of school supplies/materials will be minimal or not at all.
  • If books are taken home, when returned they will be out of circulation for 72 hours. -

**Please label ALL student supplies and materials.**

Travel Through the Building

  • Students will walk on the right side of the hallway and follow floor and wall markings to keep distance.
  • Students will travel with their cohort groups.
  • Classes will stagger their travel to and from to allow for safe distancing.
  • Students and staff will be aware of others in the hall while traveling.
  • All students and staff will continue to wear face coverings/masks while in the hallway.

Arrival Procedures

  • Students and adults are required to wear masks during arrival time (including outside)
  • Parents must remain in their car when dropping children off.
  • Students will use designated classroom exterior doors to enter the building.
  • Pavement markings spaced 6 feet apart at exterior doors if students are waiting to enter
  • Additional staff supervision will be provided.
  • Students wash hands (preferred)/hand sanitize upon entering the classroom

Dismissal Procedures

  • Students wash hands/hand sanitize prior to exiting the classroom
  • Students will use of classroom exterior doors to enter the building

Car pick up

    • Students will be dismissed as their vehicle arrives at the pickup area.
    • Parents must remain in their cars


    • Daycare students will be called by grade level to the cafeteria/gym.
    • Students are required to maintain distance in the hallways.


    • Buses will be called one at a time.

Lunch and Snack

  • Snacks will be eaten in the classroom at assigned seats and/or assigned floor space to provide at least a 6 foot spacing between students. Snacks can also be eaten outside.
  • Lunch will be in the classroom, outside, or a combination of in classroom and cafeteria.

**This will be determined based on students who are physically present in the classroom and in particular grade levels.

Bathroom and Water Protocols

  • Students are encouraged to bring labeled water bottles to school, there will be bottle filling stations for students.
  • Students will use the bathroom assigned to their classroom. One student at a time will be in the bathroom. Classroom bathrooms in vestibules will be used for both genders and only one student will be allowed in the bathroom at time.
  • Large community bathrooms near the gym/cafeteria
    • Limit no more than three students in the bathroom at one time.
    • Every other stall and sinks will be marked off.
      • Disinfected during the day and alternated.
  • Hand sanitizer will be located at the classroom door to be used in addition to hand washing.

Hand Washing Protocols

  • Hand washing/hand sanitizing will be done before and after all transitions
    • After entering the building
    • Before and after selecting books
    • Before and after lunch
    • Before and after recess
    • Before and after any small group time
    • Before dismissal

Safety Drills

  • Safety drills will still be conducted.
  • Classes will exit through their designated doors.
  • All students and staff will wear face coverings/masks.

Duty Schedule

  • The amount of duties will be increased to ensure safe distancing. This is especially important for arrival and dismissal.

Unified Arts Model

  • Unified arts classes will take place in the classrooms.
  • PE will hold class outside as much as possible (potential gym use).

Meeting Protocol

  • Parent meetings will be held virtually.

Recess Protocol

  • Students must remain in their class cohort.
  • Playground markings/safety fencing used to mark physical boundaries.
  • Bandaids and other medical supplies for minor injuries will be in the recess backpacks.

Outdoor Learning

  • Outdoor learning will be encouraged as much as possible.
  • Tents will be set up to allow for shade.
  • Outdoor spaces will be separated and marked with safety fencing.

Nurse Access Protocol

  • Nurse office guidelines can be found here

Office and Visitor Protocols

  • The main office will have a non-contact thermometer for visitor screening.
  • Visitors will be limited and must wear face coverings/masks.
  • Visitors are required to complete a health form prior to entry.
  • Parents that need to drop off items may do so via the new entrance and pass through the window.
  • Call the school’s office when your child is going to be absent. If they are sick, please be vigilant about keeping them home. We ask that you report any symptoms they may have that are related to COVID-19.
  • When a parent or guardian needs to pick up their child from school or drop off anything, please call the main office to let the secretaries know and to receive specific instructions.

Open House

  • Open house for Kindergarten - 5th Grade will occur in a virtual manner.
  • Teachers and administrators will create “Welcome Videos”

Communication With Students and Families

  • Alert emails, texts, and phone calls will continue to be the primary mode to communicate important information to parents.
  • Please be sure we always have updated email addresses and phone numbers.
  • On occasion but not frequently, other communication may be mailed home.

That schedule for the return to Face-to-Face is detailed below.

Beginning August 31

  • Grades K-2: Return in person
  • Grades 3-5: Remote learning

Beginning September 8

  • Grades K-2: Continue in person
  • Grades 3 and 4: Return in person
  • Grade 5: Remote learning

Beginning September 10

  • Grade 5 returns in person
  • All other grades continue in person instruction