Emergency Remote Learning Plan 2020-2021

Emergency Remote Learning Days will be called when weather conditions, or other situations, either limit safe travel to school or on-site learning in certain circumstances. These conditions allow for students to access learning activities digitally via internet resources.

Accessing Materials

Grades K-8

All plans should be posted in the Google Classroom with Zoom meetings scheduled throughout the day. All plans and activities will follow the guidelines posted below.


All information and materials should be posted on a Google Site and/or printed as necessary.

Student Help Videos

Grades 4-8

Logging into Gmail

Logging into Google Classroom

Staff Contact Information

Derry Village Elementary School

Emergency Remote Learning Day Instruction

Student Experience

  • Participate in an attendance check-in.

  • Attend all scheduled live sessions with their teacher.

  • Participate in activities assigned by the teacher(s), which includes accessing resources the teacher makes available.

  • Access teacher support as available through scheduled office hours.

  • Access available online and recorded school-based events/activities to foster engagement and maintain connections with their home school.

  • Follow the district’s Acceptable Use Policy and online norms established by the teacher.

  • Have a designated space for schoolwork.

  • Check Google Classroom and school email account for important updates, notifications, and assignments.

  • (If applicable) Access individualized learning path through Edmentum Exact Path.


  • Provide assignments and resources via Google Classroom.

  • Communicate and connect with families as necessary.

  • Provide live sessions for each subject to deliver lessons, facilitate discussion and lead other instructional activities.

  • Schedule at least 3.5 hours a day of live blocks/sessions via Zoom.

  • Live Zoom sessions will include instruction, small group work, and 1:1 support.

  • Keep record of student attendance.