Read Across America

Launched in 1998 by the National Education Association (NEA) and guided by a committee of educators, NEA’s Read Across America is the nation’s largest celebration of reading. This year-round program focuses on motivating children and teens to read through events, partnerships, and reading resources that are about everyone, for everyone.

At Derry Village we believe that the following is important;

  • providing students lots of time to read,

  • providing students access to lots of books to practice accuracy, fluency and comprehension,

  • providing students with increasingly complex text,

  • explicitly teaching students reading strategies,

  • reading aloud to students brings reading alive, and shares the experience

This week is a celebration of reading.

Read Across America 2022

Monday March 7: Reading exercises your brain

Dress in athletic clothes. This is a cardio reading day. We will get active with words and reading.

Tuesday March 8: Reading sparks imagination

It's Scrabble Day. Wear a single letter, your favorite one. We will make words with letters all day.

Wednesday March 9: Reading inspires us

Dress as a book character who inspires you or you admire. It is Virtual Reader Day.

Thursday March 10: Reading takes you to new places

Wear a travel t-shirt, or dress like a tourist or explorer. Explore story settings through maps and discussion. Focus on places in books today.

Friday March 11: Reading is a way to relax

Wear some cozy clothes or PJs, socks, and bring a stuffy toy.  It is Reading Buddy day. Classes will be buddied up to do some reading today.