Going Green

Going Green at School

At Derry Village we are endeavoring to find and institute ways to reduce, reuse and recycle.

    1. The school newsletter and other correspondence from the office is being distributed to the oldest [or designated child] from each family.
    2. Some hallway lights are being turned off to reduce energy costs.
    3. Paper bins in classrooms are used to recycle paper.
    4. Newsletters are distributed via email to parents.
    5. The school webpage is used to communicate school information.
    6. Computers are turned off in the evening and over extended breaks to reduce energy costs.
    7. Buses are using a no-idle policy to improve air quality and reduce fuel costs.
    8. School lunch menus are no longer distributed via paper. Menus can be found on the webpage.
    9. We take part in a cell phone recycling program.

Some of the things we would like to do to improve our efforts include;

  1. Adding a "Paper Only" bin in each classroom.
  2. Collecting plastic bottles for recycling.
  3. Reducing appliances in the classrooms.