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Foster Grandparent Program

This unique program has brought together tens of thousands of needy children and loving retired adults who have all been deeply enriched by new relationships. We train and place senior volunteers in schools, non-profit childcare centers and other youth service organizations to help set children on the path to a successful future. And this Federal program pays a tax-free stipend to income-eligible retirees to help them afford to volunteer and make ends meet.

Pinkerton And Little Students

This evening we would like to highlight the Derry Village School partnership with Pinkerton through the PALS program.

Pinkerton Academy and Little Students or PALS began in the early 90s. Gina Hutchinson (Derry School District) and Linda DeCosta (Pinkerton Academy) developed the program.

PALS is a club that pairs Derry elementary school students with a Pinkerton high school mentor. Once a month, the Pinkerton Academy students travel to their assigned elementary school to meet with their little buddy and build a positive relationship.

The older kids act as positive role models to their little buddies. In PALS, the big buddies and little buddies learn from each other. Both groups build relationships through fun and friendly interactions that carry into the future.

Currently, Pinkerton teachers Mrs. Crowley, Ms. Doherty, and Ms. Iacuzio, oversee the program. There is an application process for the high school students to join, including two references. Students must make a commitment to the club and to their elementary school little buddies.

Commitment and Responsibility are key components in being part of PALS! The little buddies look forward to seeing their big buddies and we ask our members to be considerate of this and commit to our monthly meetings.

In the elementary school students qualify through teacher, staff and parent referrals. Selection of students from the elementary school is based on the needs of individual students.

Students love their monthly PALS meeting. There’s a lot to love for the younger students, who get the role models and older siblings they might not have; and for the older ones, who gain college application credits and an understanding of where they were not too long ago.

But don’t take our word for the power of this program. Listen to what our children have to say about the program…

Newspaper article

DVS and Pinkerton Teacher Preparation Program

Derry Village School and Pinkerton Teacher Preparation program is proud to announce a brand new partnership between the schools. We are really excited about this partnership that we will introduce to you for the first time. While this is not the first partnership with Pinkerton I believe this is the first partnership with Pinkerton Academy like this in the history of the Derry Cooperative School District.

We take the education of all students very seriously. Making sure that all students are progressing satisfactorily is important. Sometimes assessments and other screenings provide us data that some students need additional instruction. In our schools we look to find opportunities to provide students who have fallen behind time for catch up. At Derry Village we have been working on getting more one-to-one help for some students we have identified through our STARS intervention team. Already we have amazing staff working with students beyond the normal school day. Where do we find extra support for our students?

At Pinkerton there is a Teacher Preparation program for Juniors and Seniors. The full-year (1 credit) course is a two-year education curriculum designed for those wanting to pursue a career in education at grade levels pre-K through 12. The program introduces the high school students to think about why they want to teach, then introduces them to the world of the classroom - understanding the diversity of student lives, becoming a professional, the foundation of education, creating an educational environment, and developmentally appropriate best teaching practices. Eventually, students will be required to complete a field experience in a local educational facility. Where does the high school find a school with students for the teacher prep student to valuable field experience?

Wait a minute!!… We have one elementary school looking for more support for their students who have fallen behind and we have one high school with students who one day will become our educators of the future. Let’s partner up!! Both groups of students can benefit here.

So in late November 2018, Jen Haskins, Stephanie Raudonis, Douglas Cullen from Pinkerton and Chris McCallum met to begin planning this partnership. It is with great delight that we begin this partnership with 5 Pinkerton students and 16 Derry Village students being matched up to begin the very important job of teaching and learning. Last week the program began with an orientation with one of the high school students. We are still refining the connection we have created but it has begun with great enthusiasm.

Thank you for your attention. We will report back as we work along in this partnership but we are anticipating great growth for all of our students.

Children's Dental Network Spring Services

The Children's Dental Network will return to Derry Village School for spring dental services on March 21-22, and 25. Any students receiving dental treatment this past fall will participate in the spring. Any new students that may need care are also welcome. Please visit for more information. Look for the "Parent Resources" link to access a permission form.

"Working together for healthier kids"