Breakfast, Lunch, & Recess

We know this, this year will begin with many unknowns and anxiety about day to day procedures. Please also visit the Derry Cooperative School District Food Service website for detailed information.

Below are some details related to Derry Village School.


Breakfast can be purchased daily for $1.50 and include milk, juice or fruit, and breakfast entree. If students need to purchase lunch, they will enter through the front foyer and proceed to the cafeteria. An adult will be there to help them remain physically distanced. Breakfast will be bagged for each student and they will bring it to the classroom to eat.

Students will be eating in their classrooms to ensure proper distancing and to eliminate cohorts mixing.


Lunch can be purchased daily for $2.80. The lunch menu will be the same weekly for the time being. Students will have a choice of hot lunch, ham/turkey sandwich, sunbutter and jelly sandwich, and milk.

Lunch will be delivered daily to the classroom. Students will be eating in their classrooms to ensure proper distancing and to eliminate cohorts mixing.

Lunch For Remote Learners

Remote learners from DVS will pick up their lunch outside the office 10:20-10:50 each day. Orders will need to be placed by 1:00pm on the afternoon of the previous school day. Orders for the next day may also be placed when food is picked up. At the time of pickup, families may also pick up a breakfast for the following day's consumption. All meals must be prepaid with money on the student meal account, with a check payment the day before or at the time of pick up. The cost of school lunch is $3.00. Reduced Price Lunch is $.40. Breakfast is $1.50. Reduced Price Breakfast is Free. To minimize the use of cash, any cash payments at the time of pickup that are greater than the price of the $5 bill to pay for a $3 lunch...will be credited to the student's account.


Grade levels will be attending recess together. The playground will be split up into four sections to include the playground equipment area, the back field, the back pavement area and the front pavement area. Each class will be assigned an area each day on a rotating basis.

Additionally, our amazing PTA, put together playground tubs filled with toys for each classroom. This way, we can ensure that each classroom cohort does not mix with other cohorts.


Unless students can physically maintain six feet of distance, they must wear their masks at recess.

Applying for Free and Reduced Price School Meals

Information and forms can be found here