Accountability: Derry Village School ESSA Report Card

The Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, as amended by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), requires every State and District to publish a “report card” that provides parents and the public with important information on State, district, and school performance and progress.

NH district and school report cards available through the NH Department of Education iPlatform portal under the iReport section.

More information on state and local report cards is available in this Parent Guide to State and Local Report Cards from the US Department of Education.

Direct links to the Derry district and our school report card are provided below.

Derry Cooperative School District LEA (Local Education Agency) Report Card

Derry Village Elementary School Report Card

Mission Statement from the Derry Cooperative School District:

The Derry Cooperative School District’s mission for school age children is to create a safe and successful learning environment for all students; one that fosters challenging situations, promotes self-worth, encourages learning as a lifelong activity, and produces healthy young adults who will contribute to society. The school district is committed to ensuring that students possess the academic, social and technological skills necessary to strengthen decision making, teamwork, life skills and relationships.

Derry Cooperative School District Logo

History of Derry Village School

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Derry Village School Logo

Derry Cooperative School District goals:

  1. Meet students where they are
  2. Strengthen communication and connections with all constituents
  3. Sustain a safe culture; Increase support for behavioral health
  4. Achieve simplicity and clarity
  5. Define priorities for student learning and achievement
  6. Focus on Authentic Literacy

2017-2018 School and District Report Card

Users can explore many performance measures and outcomes for our schools and districts. It is our belief that learning does not happen in isolation, providing multiple measures is key to understanding the many stories told by our students, schools and communities. We believe that each and every school and district is unique and contributes to the success of our students Click here for the Report Card