MARCH 2017
Dear parents, guardians and students,

We had a taste of spring at the beginning of this month and in true New England seasonal form we have slipped back to cold. That is the beautiful thing about the weather here. As Mark Twain says, “If you don't like the weather in New England now, just wait a few minutes.”

Kindergarten enrollment has been on going since November. If you have not registered your child for kindergarten please call the school office. 

This month we begin Smarter Balanced assessments in the Derry Cooperative School District. A separate letter was sent out to Grade 3-5 families explaining the assessment in more detail. This letter can be found on the District and school website. If you need more information concerning this assessment please contact Mr. Hunt at 432-1233.

We are excited for Spirit Week this month. This is always a fun time across the school. Check our webpage for links to the themes for each day of the week.

The PTA after school enrichment program begins in March. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to take part in a wide variety of activities. Sign up forms can be found on the school webpage as well.

Yours in education, 

Chris McCallum

WEEKLY ENEWS | Week 28/40 | MAR 20 - MAR 24, 2017

"It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do little - do what you can."  ~ Sydney Smith

News from Education Land. 

  1. Trimester 3. This is a reminder that Trimester 3 begins this week. Expect Report Cards from Trimester 2 on Friday March 24.

  2. Mr. Chris Hunt. In case you have not heard the news the DVS school community is very proud of Mr. Hunt becoming a finalist for a principal position in the Windham NH school district. Good luck Mr. Hunt.

  3. Spirit Week. A big thank you to everyone who participated in Spirit Week both during the school day and during PTA Sponsored evening events. The St. Pat's Day dance was a massive success and a great culmination of the week. I appreciate parent's efforts for encouraging students to be proud of their school.  Reminder: The Book Character day was postponed to Tue March 21.

  4. Jump Rope for Heart Week. Jump Rope For Heart is a national education and fundraising event sponsored by the American Heart Association and the Society of Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE). This event engages elementary students with jumping rope while empowering them to improve their own health and help other kids with heart-health issues.  The program is aligned to the physical education standards as determined by SHAPE America. The fundraiser is purely voluntary and organized by our Physical Education teacher Mrs. Dorazio.

  5. After School Enrichment Program 2017. DVS PTA Enrichment begins this week. 

  6. Voting Day March 21. To help promote community and citizenship, schools across the district will be encouraging students to Vote on March 21st.  Derry Village students will have an opportunity to vote for dessert for the end of the year BBQ.  The choices are: Twister Cup (blue raspberry) and Chocolate Sundae. Voting will take place at the same polling places where parents submit ballots (West Running Brook or Gilbert H. Hood Middle Schools).  School District volunteers will run the student polls and provide green ballots to each visiting Derry Village School student. More information here

  7. Kindergarten registration. This is a reminder to parents to reach out to any children in your neighborhood who have not registered for kindergarten. Now is the time for children to register for kindergarten in the Derry Cooperative School District.


  9. Some significant dates;
    1. Book Fair April 17-21
    2. Book Fair Family Night Tue April 18
    3. (Book Fair) Young Authors Night Tue April 18
    4. DVS School Board Presentation Tue April 18, 7:00pm
    5. Kindergarten Orientation Fri May 5, 9:00am
    6. Invention Convention Tue May 16, 5:30pm

Calendar: What's Happening at DVS This Week?

Monday March 20, 2017
  • (Gr 3D) Our positive thought for today is... I trust myself in making great decisions.
  • Jump Rope For Heart Week
  • Trimester 3 begins
  • Band: Trumpets Music Room 7:45am
  • Title 1 Math Tutoring 3pm (Grades 1-2)
Tuesday March 21, 2017
  • (Gr 3C) Our positive thought for today is...  I trust myself in making great decisions.
  • Spirit Week: Favorite Character (postponed from last week)
    • District 1 & 4 Gilbert H Hood
    • District 2 Calvary Christian School
    • District 3 West Running Brook
  • Chorus: Grade 4 Music Room 7:45am
  • Title 1 Math Tutoring 3pm (Grades 3-5)
  • NEXT Charter School Information Night 6:30pm
Wednesday March 22, 2017
  • (Gr 3W) Our positive thought for today is...  I trust myself in making great decisions.
  • WEE Deliver 8:00am
  • Band: Saxophone and Percussion 7:45am Music Room
  • Title 1 Math Tutoring 3pm (Grades 1-2)
  • DCSD Facilities Committee Phase III 6:30pm GHH
Thursday March 23, 2017
  • (Gr 3L) Our positive thought for today is...  I trust myself in making great decisions.
  • Target Team Meeting 7:45am AP Office
  • Chorus: Grade 5 Music Room 7:45am
  • Title 1 Math Tutoring 3pm (Grades 3-5)
Friday March 24, 2017
  • (Gr 2W) Today’s saying is: Hold your horses. When you stop and wait a while, you hold your horses
  • Trimester 2 Report Cards go home
  • Band: Flutes and Clarinets 7:45am Music Room
  • School Store 8:20am
  • Band: Percussion (recess)

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