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WEE Deliver

Dear Parents,

The DVS Wee Deliver Program is now in full swing!  We want to include you as well.  Please feel free to send a letter to your child, a staff member, or even your PTA!  Attached is a list of the addresses for you to use to send a letter.  Thanks for your support!

Mrs. Amy Landry
Wee Deliver Advisor

Address example:

John Smith

150 Kindy Lane

DVS   NH   03038


Mrs. Zbieg:  150 Kindy Lane

AM  & PM  Mrs. Gagnon:  107 Kindy Way

Mrs. Desena:  104 Kindy Corner

First Grade

Ms. McPhee:  149 Bear Lane

Mrs. Rosinski: 141 Rosinski Road

Mrs. Waterhouse: 207 Waterhouse Way

Mrs. Scali:  112 Scali St

Second Grade

Mrs. Wanders:  195 Wanders Way

Mrs. Landry:  190 Landry Lane

Mrs. Rokes:  172 Rokesie Dr

Mrs. Lee:  177 Lee Lane

Third Grade

Mrs. Cobban:  184 Cobban’s Cove

Mrs. Dantos: 183 Dantos Drive

Mrs. Barbagallo:  189 Rockstar Rd

Mrs. Lacroix:  178 Tigger Ave

Fourth Grade

Mrs. Landry: 113 Lab Lane

Mrs. Wilson: 128 Wilson Way

Mr. Scalzi: 129 All Star Ave

Fifth Grade:

Mrs. Duncan: 126 Thinkers Way

Mrs. Carey:  125 Reese’s Lane

Mrs. Ward: 118 Book Alley

Other  Addresses:

Mr. McCallum, Mr. Hunt, Mrs. Soucy, Mrs. Dors:     160 Outback Lane

Mrs. Collins:         156 Wellness Way 

Mr. Spirito:          154 Mr. Clean Way 

Mrs. Brochu, Mrs. Filipone, Mrs. Paulin (Cafeteria):   133 Nutrition Rd

PTA:         139 Parent Path

Mrs. Sullivan, Mr. Christen:        107 Melody Lane

Mrs. Lampkin:       112 Bookworm Lane

Mrs. Scanlon:        110 Art Ave

Mrs. Englehardt:     113 Memory Chip Lane

Ms. Dorazio:       105 Dribble Drive 

Mr. McCallum:      116 Highland Court

Mr. Auger, Mrs. Triplett:        120  Jolly Rancher Way

Mrs. Cuthbertson:       118  FT  Street

Mrs. White/Mrs. Schiebert:       131 Sports Alley

Mrs. Pantalone:         127 Pantalone Place

Mrs. St. Amand:         171 Tucker Lane

Mrs. Olford:          120 Language Ave

Mrs. Demos:        121 Speak St

Mrs. Hunter:        123 Ability Ave

Mrs. Gilfeather, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Howes: 122 Reading Rd

Ms. Serano:     196A Math Way 

Mrs. List:    196B Reading Way

Mrs. Peters:     133 Pace Place

Ms. Negus, Ms. Perry, Ms. Kennedy, Ms. DeCosto, Ms. Munn, Ms. Intoppa, Ms. MacDougall (NECC):     124 Learning Blvd

Mrs. Powers, Mrs. Saltmarsh (Dental):      134 Smile Street

DVS Extended Day Care:        138 Extended Day Way


Christopher McCallum,
Nov 25, 2014, 6:14 AM