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Spirit Week

Spirit Week May 2017

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At Derry Village we celebrate School Spirit during the week of St. Patrick's Day because our school mascot is the leprechaun. We also use the symbols of the rainbow, the pot of gold and the shamrock.

Beginning in the 2006-2007 school year we matched each day of Spirit Week to a character development concept. Using the concepts of trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. Since then we have continued that tradition highlighting our school wide expectations of respect, responsibility and safety.

What is School Spirit?

School spirit is important but what is school spirit? 

School Spirit is the feeling you get when the school does well in a sport, music, academic or other event. When a student outperforms everyone else. When a school team does well outside the school.

School Spirit is students. When students proudly wear Derry Village clothing with school logos. When students make the effort to do well in the classroom.

School Spirit is volunteering for the school in different ways... at Secret Santa workshop, for the Student Council, to be in Chorus, working with younger students and turning up at school and PTA sponsored events.

School Spirit is seeing staff members taking on extra responsibilities to help the students. Staff who go the extra mile to deliver interesting, fun and challenging lessons.

School Spirit is parental involvement with the school, volunteering and supporting the school in many different ways.

School Spirit may even be looking forward to school halfway through your summer holidays (well, maybe that's a little extreme... but you get the point?)

Spirit Week Schedule [more information here]

The week of March 13-17 is Spirit Week at DVS. Each day we have the students and staff dress up and participate in fun activities. 

  • Mon Mar 13 Superhero Day, 
  • Tue Mar 14 Favorite Character Day, 
  • Wed Mar 15 Emoji Day, 
  • Thu Mar 16 Beach Day, 
  • Fri Mar 17 St. Pat’s Green/Orange Day
Thank you for allowing your child to participate in these activities.  They have so much fun this week and learning more about ourselves and how to be the best we can be is such an important part of their education.