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eXcused Absence


Zone, Safe School




eXcused, Absence [see Attendance, see Unexcused]

Excused absences are limited to the following situations:

  1. School sponsored events such as field trips or athletic events.
  2. Absences due to chronic health conditions or illness documented by a physician (includes dentists and orthodontists).
  3. An illness that requires up to a three-day absence from school, without a doctor’s note.
  4. Death of a family member.
  5. Religious holidays or attendance at religious ceremonies.
  6. Generally, absences other than illness during the school year are discouraged. The school principal or his/her designee may, however, grant special approval of absence for family vacations, provided written approval is given in advance. Parents are asked to write a note to their child's teacher at least two weeks before the trip.
  7. Absences as a result of waivers from the Superintendent for alternative learning plans under RSA 193:1, I(h).
  8. Mandated court appearances.
  9. Extreme weather conditions as determined by administration.
  10. Private parent concerns relating to student!s well being discussed, approved, and documented by school principal or designee.
  11. State notified health alert.


During morning and afternoon drop off and pick up please be alert for students walking to and from school. This is particularly important at the point where the pathway crosses the main driveway. Although students are reminded to look both ways before crossing the driveway, it is a good practice to stop at the crossing area and check for students.

Zone, Safe School [see Cyberbullying, see Bullying, see Pupil Safety and Violence Prevention]

Read the School Board Policy: EPS Code: JFCJ SAFE SCHOOL ZONE

It is the School District’s policy that all school buildings, premises, bus stops, bus routes and associated areas shall be safe environments for students, free of danger posed by the presence of weapons or conduct which threatens harm by means of weapons or objects used as weapons. It is the School District’s policy that the provisions of RSA 193:D:2, the “Safe School Zone Act,” will be carried out in all respects.