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WEE Deliver


Walker [see Arrival, see Morning Drop Off, see Car Pickup, see Buses, see Dismissal]

The walker group is split into two groups: (1) Dexter Street Walkers and (2) Fairways Walkers.

Safety is always the primary concern as we transition children to and from school. Our students who walk need to be aware of how important it is to use sidewalks and crosswalks appropriately. They should be aware that the crossing guards are there for their safety. It is also helpful if parents remind their children to come straight home, even if they plan to play with a friend after school. Often times when students stop to play, their parents feel they may be lost. Following this practice can help to prevent a parents’ greatest fear, that of a lost child.

Other practices, such as facing traffic while they walk, never walking after dark, and looking both ways before crossing the street should be reinforced. All of our students benefit from our stranger awareness program. The knowledge gained from our resource Police Officers should be discussed at home and reinforced.

Weather [See also Snow Days, Inclement Weather, Cancelations]

How Cold Is it?

  • We continue to have outdoor recess unless the temperature falls below twenty degrees (wind chill is taken into consideration). It is therefore important that proper winter clothing is worn during this time period. 

  • If you would like to check the temperature please refer to the School District webpage. The school will use the “real feel” temperature to determine if students go out for recess.

Indoor Recess

  • During the cold weather months we continue to have outdoor recess unless the temperature falls below twenty degrees Fahrenheit (wind chill is taken into consideration). We use the Accuweather report on the Derry Cooperative School District webpage to make this determination. Students will continue to have recess indoors while the weather is below 20F.


Visit the Derry Village School webpage at The principal’s message and news and events are updated on a monthly basis.

WEE Deliver

WEE Deliver is the internal mail system at the school. Parents are more than welcome to use this mail  system to write to your child. The bonus of using Wee Deliver is that it promotes writing skills among our students.


The School District goal statement for Wellness: Our goal is to create a school culture and environment that promotes healthy eating, (and practices) daily physical activity and life long healthy habits in order to build a foundation of wellness for students and staff.

Read the complete policy here: Wellness EPS Code: JLCF