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Derry Village Handbook V

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Voice Mail




Visitors [see Security]

Derry Village school and the Derry Cooperative School District encourage parent and citizen visitation, at appropriate times, in classrooms.

For your child’s safety and well being, Derry Village requires all visitors, volunteers, parents and guardians to report to the school office upon arrival. Visitors, volunteers, parents, and guardians will sign in, obtain permission to enter the building, and wear a Visitor or Volunteer ID during the visit.

Parents or citizens wishing to observe a classroom while school is in session must arrange such visits in advance with both the classroom teacher and building principal. A minimum of twenty-four hour notification is required. Teachers are expected to not take class time to discuss individual matters with visitors.

Voice Mail [see Communication]

All Derry Village teaching staff have voice mail accounts. All staff telephone extensions can be found on the Derry Village school staff webpage.  Teachers will respond to voicemails within 24 hours.  

Volunteers [see Join the PTA]

Volunteers are an important part of the school and we appreciate the many hours that are devoted to our children's education. Please contact a PTA representative to discover ways that you can volunteer at Derry Village. 

Visit the PTA's website to  There are so many ways to lend your time and talents to DVS! Whether you want to make a weekly, monthly or once a year commitment...there is a volunteer opportunity for you.