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Unexcused Absence 

Unified Arts






Unexcused, Absence

Unexcused absences include but are not limited to vacations, absences for other personal reasons, tardiness, cutting classes, dismissals, truancy, absence from any class or activity for which the student is scheduled, and absence from any after-school help session or disciplinary session which a student has been directed to attend. 

Details can be found in the Derry Cooperative School Board Policy “Attendance, Tardiness and Truancy Policy” EPS Code: JH

Unified Arts

Students in all grade levels at Derry Village participate in Art, Music and Physical Education on a weekly basis. Children are provided opportunities to integrate Math, Science, and Language Arts with these specialized programs. Through active participation in these programs, students at Derry Village will gain a broader appreciation of humanities and their applications.

Through the Art curriculum students learn about the language of art, namely the elements of art and the principles of design. Art lessons are designed to reinforce the academic curriculum. Students are encouraged to use their artistic language and creativity to produce works of art that are personal statements that reflect an understanding of the material presented. In addition, students explore various cultures of the world through the arts and also learn about famous artists and their various styles of artistic expression.

Objectives found within the Music curriculum strive to provide students with opportunities to experience and appreciate music on many different levels. It is the goal of the Derry Village music program to foster and develop a lifelong appreciation of music in its many forms. Through the presentation of age-appropriate lessons using aural, visual, and kinesthetic approaches on such music-related topics as singing, music history, theory, movement, and basic instruments, children will develop the skills required to participate in middle and high school music activities. Students are required to wear sneakers during all Music classes.

The Physical Education program provides age appropriate activities for students to explore how their bodies move, and to develop and improve their gross motor skills. It also aims to help students develop individual, lifelong fitness and to promote cooperation and team work.

Because art, music and physical education are integral parts of the educational curriculum requiring self-discipline, listening skills, and participation, students are expected to perform with high standards of behavior, and effort and will be graded based in part upon these criteria.  Students are required to wear sneakers during all Physical Education classes.