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Safe School Zone
School-Wide Expectations
Security Access
School Store
Ski Club

Smarter Balanced
Spelling Bee and Social Studies Bee
Snow Days
State Testing
Student Conduct
Supplemental Services

Safe School Zone [see Student Conduct, see Suspension]

It is the School District’s policy that all school buildings, premises, bus stops and routes and associated areas shall be safe environments for students, free of danger posed by the presence of weapons or conduct which threatens harm by means of weapons or objects used as weapons. It is the School District’s policy that the provisions of NH Law RSA 193:D:2, the “Safe School Zone Act,” will be carried out in all respects. Should any portion of this policy conflict with state law or regulations issued pursuant thereto, it is the School District’s intention that its policy be read in such a manner that it conforms to such law or regulation.

School-Wide Expectations [see RISE]

As part of our school-wide positive behavior system [RISE] we have set some expectations of students. Our school-wide expectations are respect, responsibility and safety. These expectations are not rules – more like character attributes, goals or life long learning tasks. We believe these expectations will lead all students to success. 

Security Access

Access to Derry Village during school hours can be made through the main doors near the office. Access to the school is protected by an automatic door locking system and video surveillance. The intention of the door locking system and video system is to provide a more secure setting for children and staff. As you arrive in the foyer a button and intercom is located to the left of the door. A video camera also provides a view of the foyer area for office staff. Press the button to gain access and office staff will open the door for you. The “buzz” is silent. After you press the button wait a moment then pull the door open. Office staff will direct you via an intercom if the door does not open on the first attempt.

The added precaution enables us to better monitor visitors to the building. The system also provides protection in the case of an outside police matter, which unfortunately in this day and age could happen within any community.

School Store

At Derry Village students are offered a chance to “shop” at the school store. The School Store is run by PTA volunteers and offers students an array of stationery items including pencils, pens, erasers and other school supplies. School Store takes place once a week before school. The students are scheduled by grade level. In essence students can go to the school store once every five weeks. Classroom teachers will remind students of their scheduled times.

Ski Club

Derry Village offers students in grades 2-5 the opportunity to join the Ski Club. Ski Club takes place over five weeks in the winter months of December to February. Ski Club takes place at McIntyre Ski Area, Manchester, NH. Students leave from school in specially chartered buses and return to school around 6pm. All students participating will ride to and from McIntyre on the bus provided. Parents are expected to meet the buses at this time.  In order for students to participate they must have insurance.

Spelling Bee and Social Studies Bee

Students in grades 4 and 5 have an opportunity to take part in both a spelling bee and social studies bee. The aim of these activities is to increase student knowledge and to determine a “winner”. This champion then has the opportunity to move on to represent Derry Village in a wider spelling bee.

Snow Days [see Cancellations]

A snow day is a day in which school classes are cancelled or delayed by snow, heavy ice, or extremely low temperatures.

Any days that the schools are closed for emergency reasons will be made up at the end of the school year, during recess periods, or as otherwise approved by the Board upon the Superintendent’s recommendation.

Read more: School Year/School Calendar EPS Code: IC/ICA

Smarter Balanced [ see Assessments]

Student Conduct [see Suspension, see Safe School Zone]

All Student behavior must be based on respect and consideration for the rights of others.

Students have the further responsibility to behave in a manner appropriate to good citizenship everywhere. This includes respectful use of language, and behavior that avoids ethnic, racial, and sexual stereotypes and biases.

Students have a responsibility to know and respect the rules and regulations of the school.

Read more: Student Conduct EPS Code: JIC

Supplemental Services

Classroom teachers alone cannot assume the responsibilities for the many services that children need. Supplemental staff include the school nurse, speech therapist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, school psychologist, school counselors, social worker, reading specialist, ESOL teachers (English as a second language), Gifted and Talented teacher, Special Education teachers and teaching assistants. Specialists assist classroom teachers in meeting the educational needs of students. Students must qualify for services according to state guidelines. Referrals to special education usually come from teachers, but may come from parents as well.  Referral forms may be obtained from our Special Education Facilitator (432-1233).

Supply Lists

School supply lists will be posted here School Supplies page. These lists will help when you are preparing for coming back to school after the summer.

Suspension [see Student Conduct, see Safe School Zone]

Schools must provide an environment conducive to learning for all students. In order to maintain this learning environment, students are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly, courteous and sensible manner.

“Suspension” means the temporary denial of a student’s attendance at school for a specific period of time for gross misconduct or for neglect or refusal to conform to announced, posted, or printed school rules.

Suspension allows students time to reflect on their behavior, to acknowledge and accept responsibility for the behaviors which led to the suspension and to accept responsibility for changing their behavior to meet the school’s expectations in the future. It also allows us time to plan appropriate support for the student to assist with a successful return to the classroom.

    1. Read more: SAFE SCHOOL ZONE EPS Code: JFCJ
    2. Read more: Suspension of Students JKD

Students with disruptive behavior patterns should not be allowed to remain in regular classrooms; yet when such students are suspended from school it often adds to the problems of the student, the school, and the community. Therefore, the School Board endorses the concept of in-school suspension.

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