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Parental Rights
Parent-Teacher Conferences
Perfect Attendance
Personal Property
Positive Behavior
Pupil Safety and Violence Prevention
PowerSchool Alert

Parental Rights and Records [see also Family Education Rights and Privacy Act]

It is the duty of the school district to make sure that parents are aware of their parental rights regarding their children’s records. In accordance with the policy, this information will be sent home in the handbook every year. By signing the final page of the handbook, parents acknowledge that they were made aware of their parental rights according to FERPA and the Nondiscrimination Policy.

Parent Teacher Association - PTA [see Join, PTA]

Parent-Teacher Conferences

One of the greatest keys to your child’s success at Derry Village is maintaining communication with the school. Teachers and administration care about your child’s academic and social development. We encourage you to contact us with your questions or concerns. Teachers are available, by appointment, to review your child’s progress throughout the school year. Formal conferences are scheduled following the first trimester for grades K-5.


At different times throughout the year classrooms celebrate together. Common party events include Halloween, Holiday, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day. While these parties are moments when students and teachers can be more relaxed and take a break from their studies we are mindful not to interrupt the school day on too many occasions. Some classrooms opt to take breaks in other ways and will forgo a party. Your child’s teacher will inform you of any party arrangements well in advance of the event.

Personal Property [see also Money, Lost and Found]

Children are advised to leave valuable items at home. Toys and electronic items are considered disruptive to the educational process. The student will assume responsibility for any item brought to school.

Often these items are shared, accidentally damaged or even lost. Although the damage is not intentional, feelings are still hurt. If these items are left at home, we avoid the distractions in the classroom and chances of damage. The only time students are to bring toys, games, etc. to school is when a teacher instructs them to do so or gives them permission. If items are brought to school they must remain in the student’s backpack. These items include electronic items like cell phones, iPods, handheld games, etc. Electronic items are to remain in backpack and turned off.

The following items are specific toys/items that are not allowed at Derry Village school: laser pointers, toy guns and toy knives. Under no circumstances are firearms, ammunition (live or spent), weapons, pyrotechnics (e.g. fireworks, caps etc.) allowed on school property.

Items transported to school on school buses must fit on the lap of students or are deemed unsafe. No live creatures can be transported on the bus.

Photographs, School

Once a year a photography company is employed to come to the school and photograph students for a class composite. Parents are given the option to purchase these photographs. In 2016-2017 the school district contracted with O’Connor Studios


Our teachers spend many hours and put much professional thought and effort into placing their present students into next year's classes. The process is time consuming, as teachers focus on each child’s needs. Every effort is made to place each child in a learning environment where they will be the most successful. This learning environment incorporates several factors.

Requests for specific teachers are not appropriate and will not be considered when student placement is made. We do not accept parent requests by teacher name. Descriptions of teacher strategies that have helped their children be successful are welcome.

It has been our experience that nearly all children are able to adjust rapidly to the different teachers they have over the years.

Positive Behavior Management [See RISE]

PowerSchool Alert

The PowerSchool Alert system is used to alert parents of school closures and delayed openings and other school wide events. We are constantly updating contact information for families as the year progresses. If you have changes in contact information, particularly phone numbers and email addresses please notify the office. if you have not been getting PowerschoolAlert messages please contact the school office.


Throughout the school year we are fortunate to have presentations from both the Derry Fire Department and the Derry Police Department. These presentations are directed to particular age groups and may include bike safety, drug awareness, bullying and fire safety.

Progress Reports [see Assessment]

Pupil Safety and Violence Prevention [see Bullying, see Zone, Safe School, see Cyberbullying]

It is the policy of the Derry Cooperative School District that its students have an educational setting that is safe, secure, peaceful, and free from student harassment also known as bullying. The District will not tolerate unlawful harassment of any type and conduct that constitutes bullying as defined herein is prohibited by this Policy, in accordance with 193-F:4 Pupil Safety and Violence Prevention.

Read the School board policy: Pupil Safety and Violence Prevention Policy JLI