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Medication Policy


Morning Drop Off





Medication Policy [see also Health Services]

Whenever a student has health needs which require taking medication during the school day, medication will be administered in accordance with the school board policy and in compliance with regulations approved by the New Hampshire State Board of Education (Ed 311.02).

Only medication prescribed by a physician will be administered. Physician’s written authorization along with parental/guardian permission must be kept on file in the school. Prescribed medication should not be taken during school hours, if it is possible to achieve the medical benefit at home during other than school hours. 

In order for medication to be given at school, parents must deliver to the school nurse or building principal a written statement from a licensed prescriber and written authorization from the parent and/or a guardian.

A release must be signed by parent or guardian indicating that school personnel may assist in administration of such medication. All medication must be brought to the school nurse by a parent or legal guardian. Children may not bring medication to school. Procedures for receiving, administering, and accountability for all medications are regulated by the Federal Narcotics Act.

All prescription medications shall be in a pharmacy or manufacturer labeled container and the school nurse or other responsible person receiving the prescription medication shall document the quantity of the prescription medication delivered. All prescription medications shall be stored in their original pharmacy or manufacturer label containers and in such a manner as to render them safe and effective.

New Hampshire state law allows students to carry inhalers and epi-pens while at school. If your child has either medication prescribed, and you wish for him/her to carry the medical equipment while at school, please contact the school nurse for the necessary forms and information. In order for this change in procedure to occur, a parent/guardian and physician must sign the appropriate documentation.

In the absence of the school nurse, the principal or assignee will assist the student with medication. 

Parents must make arrangements to pick up student’s medications on the last day of school. Any medication not picked up by parents will be disposed of by the school nurse and administration at the close of the last day of school.

Read the School Board Policy: School Board Policy Administrating Medication to Students JLCD

The school is required by law to have on file an order from your child’s physician authorizing the administration of metered dose inhalers, dry powder inhalers, or Epinerphrine Auto injectors. A new order must be written each time the medication is changed. This physician’s order is valid for one school year.

See also: Physician Authorization Form.

See also: “Epi-Pen” Authorization Form. Parent/Guardian Authorization for school personnel to administer epinephrine


If your child has to bring money to school, please be sure to put it in an envelope that is clearly marked with the name of the student and teacher and what the money is for (book order, PTA, field trips, etc.). Clothing should also be marked with the same criteria.

Morning Drop Off [see Arrival, see Walkers, see Car Pickup, see Buses, see Dismissal]

It is important to remember that supervision is not provided until 8:25am. Morning day care services are available for those who must arrive prior to that time. When you arrive, it is important that you pull into the parking lot that is to the left of the driveway (Please be aware that the traffic flow through this lot is one way. The first left is the entrance).

Following morning drop procedures is important for three reasons;

  1. Our buses will be able to pull up to the bus port and unload in a more efficient manner.
  2. Your child will have access to the sidewalk, increasing the degree of safety.
  3. You will not have to wait as our students disembark from the bus (please remember those red lights on the buses).

We would like to remind parents dropping off and picking up children in the bus bay during bus arrival and departure, that cars cannot pass buses when their red light is on. You don't have to be seen by a law enforcement officer to be convicted of passing a stopped school bus. Testimony under oath by a school bus driver or other witness that a vehicle failed to stop and remain stopped for a school bus shall be sufficient evidence to prove that the owner of the vehicle was driving and has violated state law.

Arrival Reminders

  • Stay in your car. At morning car drop off parents are reminded that they must stay in their cars. This facilitates a smooth and efficient drop off procedure.

  • Passenger side. At car drop off please have your child get of the car on the passenger side of the car. It is very dangerous for children to get out on the driver’s side.

  • Arrive in good time. Rushing to get your child to dash out of the car to reach the classroom before the school bell rings is the recipe for disaster in terms of child safety. Would you rather your child receive a tardy notice or risk an accident?

  • Any student arriving after the tardy bell [8:35am] must be signed in to school at the office by the parent/guardian dropping off the student.

  • No Idling Zone. Parents are reminded that the drop off bay at the front of the school is designated an “No Idling Zone”. The purpose of the No Idling Zone is to reduce pollution from idling buses and cars that negatively affect a child’s healthy lung growth and development. Children are more vulnerable to the impacts of vehicle pollution than other populations.

Morning Drop Off Reminders

  • Students who are having breakfast will be able to enter the building at 8:20am. All other students can enter at 8:25am. Please arrive between 8:25am and 8:35am.

  • Students dropped before 8:25am are left unsupervised. We urge parents to remain with your child until the school opens at 8:25am.

  • Students will be marked tardy at 8:35am. Students who arrive after 8:35am must be accompanied to the office to fill out the necessary tardy slip. When your child is absent or late, please call our office at 432-1233 or email Mrs. Dors or Mrs Soucy


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