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Lost and Found

Lucky's Book Club





Library [see also Lucky's Book Club]

Derry Village school has a well stocked library that is available to all students each week. Students are able to take books home each week. We ask that library books be returned when they are due. Keeping books beyond their due date prevents others from enjoying the book.

Due to the high cost of books, it has become necessary for us to be reimbursed for lost and damaged books so we can continue to provide quality materials for your children. If a student does not return the book by the three weeks beyond the due date, he/she receives a written reminder, followed by a bill for the replacement cost. A student may not borrow additional materials until the overdue book is returned or paid for.

The policy of the Derry Cooperative School District is: “Fines will be charged for books/equipment students lose or damage.” If this lost and paid-for book is returned in good condition, the money is refunded. 

The library also has an easy to access online catalog called Destiny. Families can access Destiny from home by visiting This is an excellent way to search for books for upcoming projects and assignments.

Lost and Found

We have a lost and found collection that grows quickly. Please be sure to check for items your child may have forgotten. From time to time these items are sent to a charitable organization after notifying parents through our parent reminders. The best way to have items returned is to make sure that names are placed on every item.

Lucky's Book Club

Lucky's Book Club is a way families can help provide books for the library. A few times a year families can have the librarian buy new books and have them dedicated to students in a special ceremony in the library.