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Derry Village Handbook I

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Immunizations and Physical Exams

Inclement Dismissal

Individualized Education Program

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

Indoor Recess

Internet Use Policy

Internet Publishing

Illness [see also Health Services]

When children show signs of illness, such as sore throat, fever, rashes, coughing or runny nose, it is advisable to keep them home. Children are not permitted to return to school until they are "fever-free" for 24 hours. This policy serves as a protection for all students.

Fresh air is beneficial to growing children, however, they will not be outside for long periods during inclement or extremely cold weather. Generally speaking, if a child is too ill to partake in a recess of physical activity, he/she is too ill to attend school. An exception to this would require a doctor’s note to excuse these activities.

All communicable disease afflicting your child should be reported to the school nurse. Any student with a communicable disease requiring antibiotic treatment must remain out of school for twenty-four hours after starting therapy.

Immunizations and Physical Exams [see also Health Services]

The State of New Hampshire requires that all students have proof of immunization on file. All immunization dates must include the day, month, and year of administration. A Physical Examination completed within one year of entering Grade 1 is required. Transfer students will need a Physical Examination if one is not in their records.

Inclement Dismissal [see Cancellations]

It is important that families plan for an early dismissal due to weather conditions. Plans for an early dismissal are important because phone calls will not be made to notify parents if an early dismissal occurs due to weather. Please have a family plan in place should an early dismissal occur. Be sure your number is current in our PowerSchool Alert system.

Individualized Education Program

IEP (individualized education program) is a personalized educational plan created for students who have been identified as having specific educational disabilities. An IEP is a team as well as an educational program. IEP team members include the child’s classroom teacher and special education teacher, the parent(s), a public agency representative, and, in many cases, the student. Working together, the IEP team ensures that the child receives the education and services necessary for progress and success.

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) was created to help ensure that children who have special needs, such as dyslexia or autism, are able to receive a free public school education that meets their needs.

Indoor Recess

During the cold weather months we continue to have outdoor recess unless the temperature falls below twenty degrees Fahrenheit (wind chill is taken into consideration). We use the Accuweather report on the Derry Cooperative School District webpage to make this determination. Students will continue to have recess indoors while the weather is below 20F.

Internet Acceptable Use Policy

All Internet users in the Derry Cooperative School District are required to agree to the Acceptable Use Policy. Parents are required to complete the Internet use Policy on behalf of their children. Internet use at Derry Village is strictly monitored. Students may only access the Internet with teacher permission and supervision. Please see the Derry Cooperative School District policy [EPS Code: INT - Student]. The Internet use Policy is to be returned to your child’s classroom teacher.

Internet Publishing

On occasion your child’s teacher or another staff member may consider putting your child’s original work, which may include writing, art or photography onto our school’s web page. Because this document can be seen by people all over the world, we request your permission to display the work. For security reasons, only first names will be used and work will appear with a copyright notice prohibiting the copying of such work without expressed written permission. In the event anyone requests such permission, those requests will be forwarded to the parents. No home address or telephone will appear with such work. A copy of the work is always available. The Permission Notice must be returned to your child’s classroom teacher.