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Derry Village Handbook D

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(Children's) Dental Network

Destination Imagination



Delayed Start

Dress Code



(Children's) Dental Network

The Children's Dental Network will return to Derry Village School for spring dental services on Monday March 21-24. Any students receiving dental treatment this past fall will participate in the spring. Any new students that may need care are also welcome. Please visit for more information. Look for the "Parent Resources" link to access a permission form. "Working together for healthier kids" (added 4/17/2017)

Destination Imagination

You may have noticed that we have some Destination Imagination teams in the school. Destination Imagination, Inc. is a leading educational nonprofit dedicated to teaching students the skills needed to succeed in school, their careers and beyond. They develop project-based learning programs that blend STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education with the arts and social entrepreneurship.

At Derry Village some interested parents have taken on teams for the Destination iMagination challenge later in the year. These teams work on activities each week in preparation for the team challenge.

For the team challenge Destination Imagination works with educators and industry experts to develop seven academic Challenges in the fields of STEM, the arts, social entrepreneurship and early learning (Rising Stars!). Students work in their teams to research, design and build a solution to their preferred Challenge.

Discipline [see Bullying, see RISE]

The school is a community. It is responsible for educating those children who attend and, therefore, it must establish and enforce guidelines and procedures that provide for reasonable order and an atmosphere where learning can take place. There must be a set of procedures for dealing with inappropriate student behavior; including ones for suspension and expulsion.

Disciplinary Procedures The following levels of discipline are available to school officials in enforcing Safe School Zone JFCJ

  1. Short-term suspension by a principal which lasts between one and five school days.
  2. Short-term suspension by a superintendent which lasts between six and ten school days.
  3. Long-term suspension by a superintendent which lasts between 11 and 20 days.
  4. Long-term suspension which lasts longer than 20 days and which requires the approval of the School Board.
  5. Expulsion by the School Board for a period determined in writing by the Board under
    RSA 193:13, II. Expulsion by the School Board may be appealed to the State Board.
  6. Expulsion by the School Board for a period of not less than 12 months under RSA 193:13, III. Expulsion by the School Board may be appealed to the State Board.
    1. Read the School Board Policy: Safe School Zone JFCJ
    2. Read the School Board Policy: Student Conduct, Discipline and Due Process Safe School Zone JICD
    3. Read the School Board Policy: Student Discipline JICD-A
    4. Read the School Board Policy: Student Conduct on School Buses JICC

Dismissal [see Arrival, see Walkers, see Car Pickup, see Morning Drop Off, see Buses]

The dismissal procedure is divided into parts: daycare providers, walkers, those being picked up by parents and those who ride the bus.

If it becomes necessary for your child to be transported by an individual other than yourself, or their regular bus, please inform the school in writing. Such a note must include the name of the individual transporting your child.

For security purposes, please have individuals picking up your child bring appropriate photo identification with them.

Changing dismissal. When it is necessary to change dismissal time for your child from school please give the office plenty of warning so that we can get the message to your child. Dismissal time (2:55pm) is a very busy time with the whole school in motion going home.

Delayed Start [see also Hours, School]

On occasion delayed starts to the school day become necessary usually because of weather conditions. The AlertNow system is used to alert families of the delay. Typically delays are approximately 90 minutes.

A 90 minute delay would mean that school begins at 10:05am [tardy bell]. Students can begin arriving at 9:55am.

Dress Code

See more information: School Board Policy EPS CODE: JICA Student Dress

All students are expected to be groomed and to dress appropriately with respect to the following criteria:

  • Cleanliness - clothing and grooming must be such that they do not constitute a health or safety hazard.
  • Clothing - clothing must be adequate to ensure a decent appearance.
  • Education distraction - grooming and dress must not be so unusual or bizarre as to constitute a distraction or to interfere with the educational opportunity of other students.

With ever changing styles, additional guidelines are established to help maintain high standards of dress. Standards of dress are provided so as not to be distracting to the educational process.

  • Shorts such as walking shorts, Bermuda shorts, and other shorts of similar length are acceptable and appropriate.
  • Shirts and tops must be at the minimum waist length.
  • Common courtesy dictates that hats and sunglasses not be worn inside the building.
  • Apparel with slogans which promote activities prohibited by the school district code of conduct are not permitted.
  • Clothing normally worn when participating in a school sponsored extra-curricular or sports activity may be worn to school when approved by the sponsor or coach. Examples would be cheerleader outfits, drill team and band uniforms, team shirts, etc.

Any student deemed in violation of the dress code will be required to find clothing that meets the code or will be sent home to correct the situation.

See more information: School Board Policy EPS CODE: JICA Student Dress

In addition...

During the cold weather months we continue to have outdoor recess unless the temperature falls below twenty degrees (wind chill is taken into consideration). It is therefore important that proper winter clothing is worn during this time period. If children wear heavy boots to school, we encourage them to bring a change of footwear for the period of time that they are inside the building.

Students will be permitted to play on the snow if they are dressed appropriately. This includes snow pants, snow boots, gloves and coat.

During the warm weather months, students are encouraged to dress for comfort. However, we ask that halter tops, half shirts and short shorts are not worn to school. The standard of dress is maintained so as not to be distracting to the educational process.

We also ask that you check the messages that are contained on T-shirts, both visual and written.

It is recommended that students wearing flip flops on the playground refrain from playing on the playground equipment. Sturdy footwear is a safer choice.

Please be sure each student's clothing is labeled. This makes it easier to return lost property.

Read the School Board Policy: Student Dress JICA