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Derry Village Handbook C

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Car Pickup
Cultural Arts

Cafeteria [see Food Services]


The School District calendar can be accessed from the Derry Cooperative School District webpage Other calendar events are publicized in the school’s monthly newsletter.

Cancellations [see also Inclement Dismissal, see Snow Days]

It is the intent of the Derry Cooperative School District to keep school in session under most weather conditions. However, if severe weather conditions are known by 6:00 AM, school may be closed or a delayed opening procedure will be followed.

Please check the following websites for more information during inclement weather - or the Derry Cooperative School District website or tune into any of the following radio stations for weather updates : WDER - AM 1320, WGIR-AM 61, WZID - FM 95.7, WHOB - FM 106.3, WOKQ FM 97.5, or also WMUR - TV Channel 9, WCVB 5, WLVI 56, WBZ 4, WHDH 7 or Comcast users Channel 6 or 17 (local stations)

Try also the Channel 6 webpage

Car Pickup [see Arrival, see Buses, see Dismissal, see Morning Drop Off, see Walker]

It has become necessary to make significant changes to the way we conduct car pick-up at dismissal time at Derry Village School. Beginning Tuesday January 3, 2017. Car Pick Up dismissal will take place at the front of the school following these procedures. Here is a map of the new procedure.

If you are a parent who picks up their child by car, please indicate in writing, that you will be picking them up. This note can be sent to the office or classroom teacher. Alternatively you can email the office.

Click here for a detailed brochure of Arrival and Dismissal procedures

Communication [see more VoiceMail, see more Email]

It is important to remember that communication between school and parents helps us to be more efficient. Please be aware that your phone calls and notes help us to function as a school. It is imperative that items such as emergency cards and permission slips are filled out and returned. By doing so we are assured that we handle important situations regarding your child in a manner in which you approve. The teachers will respond to any emails and or phone calls within twenty-four hours.

If you have the need to contact your child during school hours, please come directly to the office. We will be happy to call them to the office, or deliver an item to them. It is very important that classrooms are interrupted as little as possible during the school day. Visits to classrooms must be prearranged with your child’s teacher. All visitors must sign in at the office upon arrival. Please be aware that you may communicate with your child’s teacher through voicemail, e-mail (each teacher has a link on our staff web page) or through written communication.

In an effort to keep you informed of school events we have a few ways to provide you with information. (1) This webpage. Under the Information and News sections you can access the school handbook, supply lists and other items. (2) You can also follow us on Twitter @DVS_NH We will be using this communication tool throughout the school year. (3) Staff can be contacted via email or phone. Email addresses and phone numbers are listed on the webpage under “Staff”.

Counseling Services

Derry Village school is serviced by professional counselors who provide guidance services to students. Guidance consists of working with students to develop academic, personal, and social skills. Elementary school counselors work with parents, teachers, school administrators, and others to provide the best possible resources and services. Referrals to counseling can be initiated by parents, students, or teachers.

Cultural Arts Program [see also Festival of Arts]

At Derry Village we encourage cultural arts by bringing in enriching programs to the school. These cultural arts includes dance, music, and band. An example is the Holiday and Spring concerts.

Curriculum [see also Unified Arts]

Curriculum refers to all the courses of study offered by an educational institution. Here is a brief outline of the main curriculum at Derry Village school.

  • MathematicsIn 2016-2017 the Derry Cooperative School District fully adopted enVisionmath2.0. enVisionmath2.0 is a comprehensive math curriculum supporting our students. The program offers the flexibility of print, digital, or blended instruction at all grade levels. enVisionmath2.0 helps students develop deep conceptual understanding through problem-based instruction, visual learning, small group work, and personalization. Independent research validates the program’s effectiveness in raising student achievement.

  • Reading - Students at Derry Village will be taught through Readers Workshop. All students will be exposed to to three key elements of Readers Workshop; Focus Lesson - The students will gather together and learn about different reading strategies. Independent Daily Reading - The students will practice reading by reading on their reading level. It is the students' job to read and practice what they have learned.  The teacher will walk around and listen to the students' read and talk to them about what they have read. Group Share- The students will come back together and they will have an opportunity to share something that they practiced or learned as a reader. 

  • Science - We follow the NH Framework for Science Literacy. Science is now divided into three content domains (Earth Space Science, Life Science, and Physical Science) and one Science Process Skills domain. The Science curriculum is mapped.

  • Social Studies - Currently students study one or more of the following strands; civics, economics, geography, NH and US History, World History.

  • Unified Arts - At Derry Village students are also exposed to courses of study in Art, Music, Physical Education, Library skills and Technology.

Curriculum Mapping

Curriculum Mapping is a process, an on-going process for planning, implementing, and reflecting on student learning. In the Derry Cooperative School District we map the Mathematics, ELA and Science curriculums. The curriculum maps identify by calendar months the topics, skills, and assessments that are addressed. The maps align to the Common Core standards.

Cyberbullying [see Bullying, see Zone, Safe School, see Pupil Safety and Violence Prevention]

Below is a short extract from the School Board policy on Bullying posted November 2010. All parents and students are urged to access the policy for all details.

Read the School Board Policy: Pupil Safety and Violence Prevention JICK

“Cyberbullying” is any conduct defined in paragraph 1 of this Section undertaken through the use of electronic devices that include, but are not limited to, telephones, cellular phones, computers, pagers, electronic mail, instant messaging, text messaging, and websites.

Cyberbullying includes, but is not limited to, the following actions: harassing, teasing, intimidation, threatening, or terrorizing another person by sending or posting inappropriate and hurtful e-mail messages, instant messages, text messages, digital pictures or images, or web site postings, including blogs on any other electronic device. The School Board recognizes that this definition may not be all-inclusive. Therefore, the School District reserves the right to impose discipline for actions that may fall outside this definition but are still within the general purposes of this Policy.

Christopher McCallum,
Oct 11, 2012, 9:36 AM